American Dad! Season 10

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Synopsis: The season revolves around Stan Smith, the zealous CIA agent with an unwavering dedication to his country and his family. Living under the same roof are his wife, Francine, their spirited daughter, Hayley, and their socially awkward son, Steve.
Throughout Season 10, Stan’s missions in espionage intersect with the everyday chaos of family life, resulting in hilariously absurd scenarios. The Smith household is further enlivened by Roger, the flamboyant and shape-shifting alien, and Klaus, the German-speaking goldfish harboring an eccentric personality.
“American Dad!” Season 10 maintains its sharp and biting satire, using humor to lampoon American society, politics, and cultural norms. The series delves into themes of family dynamics, individual quirks, and the absurdities of modern life, weaving astute social commentary into its brand of uproarious comedy.

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