American Dad! Season 3

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Synopsis: In “American Dad!” Season 3, the animated antics of the Smith family and their eccentric household continue to entertain with a blend of irreverent humor and satirical commentary.
The season revolves around Stan Smith, the overzealous CIA agent and head of the household, navigating the balancing act of his patriotic duties and family life. Living alongside Stan are his wife, Francine, whose colorful past occasionally surfaces; their daughter, Hayley, an outspoken liberal activist; and their socially awkward son, Steve.
Episodes in Season 3 delve deeper into Stan’s relentless attempts to protect America while often creating absurd situations in the process. The family dynamic is further enriched by the inclusion of Roger, the witty and eccentric alien living in the attic, and Klaus, the goldfish with the mind of a former East German athlete.

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